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 What makes Santa Gertrudis different?


16.08.2016 &

Namibia Genetics
Windhoek, NAMIBIA

13.10.2016 &

Paresis Auction
Otjiwarongo, NAMIBIA


East Bull Auction 14:00
Gobabis, NAMIBIA

  1. Breed quality: For the consumer, so that he can feel satisfied and gets value for money.
  2. For the butcher so that he can keep this customers happy and make a profit.
  3. For the feedlot owner: so that he can keep the butcher happy and make a profit
  4. For yourself because you want to be proud of your product and you deserve to make profit.

Santa Gertrudis bulls, when mated with cows of other breeds, have consistently sired calves that weigh from 22 kg to 28 kg more at weaning time.

The butcher, the cattle buyer and the producer have all recognised that consumer demand is for lean beef. Beef of this type is produced by Santa Gertrudis and Santa Gertrudis crossbreeds. With the new grading system in South Africa, where two-toothed cattle are now going to be classified as Super Grade Beef, the purebred and crossbred Santa will have an advantage as one of the breeds that shed their milk teeth late.

For crossbreeding purposes, Santa Gertrudis bulls mated with any type of cow are hard to beat. This breed has the ability to add kilograms to calves at weaning time. Reports from commercial cattle producers in Australia, the United States, South Africa and other countries verify that over a period of years, Santa Gertrudis bulls can produce more meet for less money.

Moreover, your crossbred calves will outweigh the others, giving you a greater return at sales time.

Santa Gertrudis Shows in Namibia and South Africa:

15 - 18 Augustus Bela-Bela Skou

24 Aug - 04 Sept Pretoria Skou

28 Sept - 08 Oktober Windhoek Skou

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NSV Jaar Joernaal 2013

Die Santa Gertrudis is oorspronklik op Kings Ranch in Texas in die Verenigde State van Amerika ontwikkel uit drie-agstes Brahman (vir gehardheid en aanpasbaarheid) en vyf-agstes Korthoring (vir vleiskwaliteit). Noukeurige beplanning en seleksie het gelei tot die geboorte van die bul Monkey in 1919, die basis vaar van die Santa Gertrudis ras. Die eerste diere was in 1960 na Suid-Afrika ingevoer. Die Santa GertrudisGenootskap was gestig in 1974.

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